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Cake by the Ocean (DNCE) | Sounds Like | Never There (Cake)

Cake by the Ocean by DNCE Never There by Cake



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Additional notes/observations: 

DNCE's song Cake by the Ocean (released September 18, 2015) bears a strong resemblance to several songs including Donna Summer's Bad Girls, Falco's/After The Fire's Der Kommissar, and particularly Cake's Never There (released October 13, 1998). DNCE's Joe Jonas has suggested that the title resulted from a mistranslation of "sex on the beach" by a Swedish producer (perhaps it's a thinly veiled referenced to the song's true lineage). Cake by the Ocean and Never There share the same key (E minor), basic verse chord progression (Emin-Amin-B7sus4-B7), and production/arrangement (single lead guitar riff outlining the chord changes).

Cake by the Ocean (:37) VS Never There (:08)

Honorable mention:
Cake by the Ocean (1:17) VS Donna Summer's Bad Girls (:25)

Cake by the Ocean (1:17) VS After The Fire's Der Kommissar (1:04)

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