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Say (John Mayer) | Sounds Like | Back in the High Life Again (Steve Winwood)

Say by John Mayer Back in the High Life Again by Steve Winwood



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Written for the film The Bucket List, John Mayer's song Say (released November 20, 2007) bears mild resemblance to Steve Winwood's number one Adult Contemporary hit Back in the High Life Again (released June 1986). Similarities include: Say's ukulele part played at the opening and throughout, which sets the tone for the song in much the same way as BitHLA's mandolin part, tempo (168 bpm vs 169 bpm) drums (both songs feature a staggered beat with a military/march snare pattern). Likewise, the chords for Say (key: Bb) follow a I-IV-vi-V (or 1 - 4 - minor 6 - 5) progression, while BitHLA's (key: D) chords follow a I-IV-I-V (or 1 - 4 - 1 - 5) progression. Have a listen: Say (1:08) vs BitHLA (1:26).

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