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Be Alright (Ariana Grande) | Sounds Like | Rather Be (Clean Bandit)

Be Alright by Ariana Grande Rather Be by Clean Bandit



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Ariana Grande's Be Alright (released March 18, 2016), from her third studio album, bears a close resemblance to Rather Be (released January 17, 2014) by Clean Bandit featuring Jess Glynne. In particular, Be Alright uses the same staccato rhythm for the keyborad part and emphasizes the minor sixth and four major seventh chords a la Rather Be's progression.

Be Alright (:00) VS Rather Be (:24)

Be Alright
Key: E/C#min
Chord Progression:
C#min, Amaj7, (vi-IVM7)
G#7, C#min (V7/vi-vi)
C#7, F#min9 (V7/iii9)
G#7, C#min (V7/vi-vi)

Rather Be
Key: B/G#min
Chord Progression:
G#min, F# (vi-V)
Emaj7, B (IVM7-I)

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