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Shot at the Night (The Killers) | Sounds Like | Higher Love (Steve Winwood)

Shot at the Night by The Killers Higher Love by Steve Winwood



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The chorus for The Killers' Shot at the Night (released September 16, 2013) is very similar to the chorus for Steve Winwood's Grammy Award-winning, chart-topper Higher Love (released June 20, 1986), which features Nile Rodgers on rhythm guitar and Chaka Kahn on backing vocals. While the melodies and tempos (99bpm vs 93bpm) differ, similarities include: lyrics (SATN: "Give me a shot at the night" vs HL: "Give me a higher love"), key (both in F major), drum and bass parts (and snare sounds), and chord progressions (SATN: IV-I-vi-V or 4-1-minor6-5 vs HL: IV-I-V-vi or 4-1-5-minor6). Check out: Higher Love (:56) vs Shot at the Night (:50). [Thanks to Alphabet Omnimedia Group for suggesting this one.]

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