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Girls in Their Summer Clothes (Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band) | Sounds Like | Girl (Beck)

Girls in Their Summer Clothes by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Girl by Beck



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Additional notes/observations: 

Springsteen's wistful single Girls in Their Summer Clothes (released January 15, 2008) won a 2009 Grammy for Best Rock Song, and features Beach Boys-inspired arrangments/production. The bridge for GiTSC also bears some similarity to the pre-chorus of Beck's 2005 single Girl (released July 4, 2005). Specifically, both songs feature a descending lydian melody over the subtonic (major bVII) chord. Girl (key: Bb major) starting with the line: "And I know I'm gonna steal her eye/She doesn't even know what's wrong," and GiTSC (key: C major) starting with the line: "Frankie's Diner, an old friend on the edge of town." Other similarities include -- lyrics: summer, girls, sun, beach; chord progressions: Girls uses a V-bVII-IV (or 5-b7-4) progression for the pre-chorus, while GiTSC uses a V-bVII-IV-vi-V (or 5-b7-4-minor6-5) progression in the bridge. The subtonic was used often in early 60s pop music, so it's conceivable that in addition to the Beach Boys, the Boss was drawing inspiration from The Shadows' Wonderful Land and others.

Girl (:39) vs GiTSC (1:57)

For music theorists wishing to dive deeper on use of the subtonic in popular music, check out this google group.

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