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Save Room (John Legend) | Sounds Like | Stormy (Classics IV)

Save Room by John Legend Stormy by Classics IV



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Where to even start? Just listen to a minute of each, starting at the beginning of each through to the chorus. Sure, Kanye obviously brought in the Classics IV sample. But usually a sample is just as the name implies. This entire song was structured, played, and sung EXACTLY like "Stormy". No pitch-shifting, track isolation, or speeding up or down needed to hear the similarities! I'm glad that Buddy Buie & J. R. Cobb got writing credits (would have been nice to see Gábor Szabó get one for the sweet guitar work) but the true crime is that nobody looks at writing credits, and a whole generation thinks this is an original John Legend song! Did I just miss Legend coming out and saying - "Hey, I'm redoing this song with my own lyrics." I can't believe that Blurred Lines and Marvin Gaye got more press. Proving all is fair if you give a nod and some cash to the original creators.

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