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Caribbean Queen (Billy Ocean) | Sounds Like | Billie Jean (Michael Jackson)

Caribbean Queen by Billy Ocean Billie Jean by Michael Jackson



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This one you just have to listen to. It's an excellent example of mining a previously successful formula to produce a hit. The tempos are almost the same, 114/117bpm. The bass line in both songs is straight eighth-notes. The keyboard verse riff in CQ is rhythmically identical to the verse riff in BJ, the guitar fill in CQ verses is similar to the guitar riffage in the middle section of BJ, and the tom-tom fills at the end of verses and choruses in CQ are ridiculously similar to the tom-tom fills in BJ. The choruses are pretty close thematically (i to iv), but CQ adds in a few extra chords. Really, it's all about the rhythm, the feel. Very clever reverse-engineering!

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