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Sing (Ed Sheeran) | Sounds Like | Miss You (The Rolling Stones)

Sing by Ed Sheeran Miss You by The Rolling Stones



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While Ed Sheeran readily acknowledges the influence of Justin Timberlake on his sophomore album, x, the lead single Sing (released April 7, 2014) references several classic songs including Mick Jones' guitar rhythm from The Clash's This Is Radio Clash (released November 20, 1981), the bass/groove from Rick James' Give It to Me (February 20, 1981), falsetto harmony from the Rolling Stones' Miss You (released May 10, 1978), chorus melody from Rod Stewart's Do Ya Think I'm Sexy (released November 10, 1978), and verse melody from Sisqo's Thong Song (January 4, 2000). Compare the vocal harmonies from Sing for the lines: "I need you darlin'/Come on set the tone/If you feel you're falling/Won't you let me know", with those of the background "oohs" from Miss You.

Sing (2:09) VS Miss You (:40)

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