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Fun (Megan Nicole) | Sounds Like | If I Had No Loot (Tony Toni Tone)

Fun by Megan Nicole If I Had No Loot by Tony Toni Tone



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The chorus vocal melody to Texas-born singer-songwriter Megan Nicole's track Fun (released October 14, 2014) is similar rhythmically to the chorus vocal melody to 90's R&B artists Tony! Toni! Tone's If I Had No Loot (released June 1, 1993). While Fun and If I Had No Loot are in completely different keys and have different melodic contours, both chorus melodies feature similar "New Jack Swing" rhythms, which emphasize the first two quarter notes of the beat, and both songs have the same exact tempo (108 bpm). Fun is also reminiscent of Sugarland's All I Want to Do, the Rolling Stones' Tumbling Dice, and King Floyd's Groove Me (released 1971).

Fun (:24) VS If I Had No Loot (1:03)

Key: D minor
Chord progession (chorus):
D min, B, D min, B, D min, B, G, B

If I Had No Loot
Key: A
Chord progression (chorus):
A6, A9, A6, A9, A6, A9, A6, A9

Waiting for Superman (Daughtry) | Sounds Like | Ass Back Home (Gym Class Heroes)

Waiting for Superman by Daughtry Ass Back Home by Gym Class Heroes



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Waiting for Superman (released September 17, 2013) is the lead single from Daughtry's fourth studio album Baptized. WfS's chorus vocal melody for the line "in his arms" (i.e. a-a-a-arms) is reminiscent of the chorus vocal melody for Gym Class Heroes' single Ass Back Home (released October 31, 2011) and the line "I don't know-oh-oh-oh where you're going". While sung in different keys and over different chords, vocal melodies for both songs feature a similar rhythm, and pitch contour i.e. two short intervals followed by a relatively large one (WsF: whole-step, half-step, three-and-a-half steps; ABH: whole, whole, four whole steps). In addition, WfS's outro melody (around 3:51) is similar to the chorus melody for Katy Perry's Teenage Dream (WfS starting with the lines "lift her up and take her anywhere" versus TD's lines "you make me, feel like I'm living a [...]").
Waiting for Superman (1:08) VS Ass Back Home (:19) [Thanks to Alyssa and Emily Cohen for suggesting this one!]

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