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Me & You (Kenny Chesney) | Sounds Like | Sentimental (Kenny G)

Me & You by Kenny Chesney Sentimental by Kenny G



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I was preparing for a wedding and the Bride wanted this song to come down the isle to. I was listening and just knew I had heard it before. Kenny Chesneys song was released in 1996, Kenny G's song in 1992.

Green Light (Lorde) | Sounds Like | I Love It (Icona Pop)

Green Light by Lorde I Love It by Icona Pop



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Elements of Green Light (released March 2, 2017), the lead single from New Zealand sensation Lorde's second album, are reminiscent of Icona Pop's chart-topper and advertising staple I Love It (released May 9, 2012), Cold War Kids' First (release February 15, 2017), and Live's Lightning Crashes (released September 24, 1994‎). The progression (4-1-5 in the key of D major) is also similar to progressions in One Direction's Best Song Ever (4-1-5 in the key of C# major), and Judas Priest's You've Got Another Thing Coming (4-1-5 in the key of B major), and Len's Steal My Sunshine (4-1-5 in the key of E major).

Green Light (1:20) VS I Love It (:22)

Green Light (:52) VS First (:00)

Green Light (:52) VS Best Song Ever (2:30)

Green Light (:52) VS Steal My Sunshine (1:42)

Green Light (:52) VS You've Got Another Thing Comin' (:06)


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