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Cheerleader (OMI) | Sounds Like | Only Tongue Can Tell (The Trash Can Sinatras)

Cheerleader by OMI Only Tongue Can Tell by The Trash Can Sinatras



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Additional notes/observations: 

The chorus to Jamaican singer OMI's hit Cheerleader (originally released in 2012; remix released May 19, 2014) is reminiscent of the chorus to Scottish alternative band The Trash Can Sinatra's tune Only Tongue Can Tell (released 1990). Similarities includes: key (both in E major), tempo/groove, chord progression (variations on a simple I-IV-V), and vocal melody. Cheerleader has also been compared to Paul Simon's hit You Can Call Me Al (released September 5, 1986).

Cheerleader (:49) VS Only Tongue Can Tell (:35)

Key: E
Chord Progression (Chorus):
E, A, B, A (I-IV-V-IV)

Only Tongue Can Tell
Key: E
Chord Progression (Chorus):
E, A, E, A, B (I-IV-I-IV-V)

You Can Call Me Al
Key: F
Chord Progression (Chorus):
F, C, Bb, C (I-V-IV-V)

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