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Weight of Love (The Black Keys) | Sounds Like | Down by the River (Neil Young)

Weight of Love by The Black Keys Down by the River by Neil Young



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The Black Keys' Weight of Love (released January 27, 2015) from their eighth studio album Turn Blue is reminiscent of Neil Young's Down by the River (released May 14, 1969). Both songs begin in the key of D major, and feature staccato guitar rhythms that repeatedly move from E minor to A major (ii-V). This same intro progression can be found in Pink Floyd's Breathe (released March 1, 1973), which also seemingly appropriates the first half of Down by the River's chorus chord progression (Cmajor7-Bminor). Thanks to Justin Schack for suggesting this comparison!

Weight of Love (:00) VS Down by the River (:00)

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